IPAC In Delta alleges move to destabilize opposition parties

Mr. Moses Abe

By Dave Okpogadie, Asaba

The Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC), Delta State has accused the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Inter-Party Relations, Mr. Moses Abe of a plot aimed at muzzling some oposition parties in the state.

In a communique issued after an enlarged meeting of the oposition parties and signed by the factional Chairman and Secretary of IPAC in the State, Mr. Fred Obi and Comrade Peter Emuakporje (JP), it was alleged that the SSA on Inter-Party is plotting to polarize and weakens the opposition parties through displacement of duly elected party chairmen and imposition of non party members in their place in order to stop some chairmen from receiving government annual grant to the opposition parties.

“It is also very disappointing that the SSA to the Governor on Inter-Party Relations has even gone as far as calling National Chairmen of our political parties in an attempt to compromise them to toe his ignoble move.”

It could be recalled that the last IPAC election in Delta State was fraught with substantial irregularities as some government political appointees were alleged to have acted under instructions of the Delta State Governor, openly supported and helped to prop up one Frank Igwebuike for IPAC Chairmanship as against Fred Obi, the popular choice of political parties.

The result of the elections has thus created a deep cleavage, mutual distrust and suspicion amongst political parties in the state.

The communique reads in part; “that our support for Mr. Fred obi as our preferred choice for IPAC chairman  remains unchanged even as we maintain that Mr. Frank Igwebuike’s emergence as Delta State IPAC chairman was fraught with unacceptable irregularities.”

Continuing; “That our political parties support the efforts of the Delta State Government to bring development to the State. That our support for Fred Obi rather than Frank Igwebuike was not intended to be an affront to the Delta State Government. That our principled stance on our choice of Fred Obi as Delta State IPAC chairman was originally endorsed by almost all the Political Parties including the SSA to the Governor on Inter Party Relations before his last minute political summersault which led to division and bickering among the political parties.”

The communique however, called on respected National Political Party chairmen to shun persistent calls from government agents in Delta State who are bent on interfering with the internal administration of opposition parties for their selfish ends.

The opposition parties frowned at an attempt to coerce members into submitting to the whims and biddings of the SSA Inter-Party Relations as a condition for the disbursement of grants to the concerned political parties.


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