Can Ned Nwoko survive the storm In 2019, By Celestine Nwoko


For the many still surprised by the renewed image making being carried out by Ned Murnir Nwoko in the Anioma Trust newspaper, the nausea is quite strong. This recent publication is apparently a follow up to a recent write up by his personal assistant.

As his political hallucinations seem to indicate a new intention to target the 2019 federal senatorial elections, one can only find this shocking and actually simply ludicrous to consider.

Personally, I feel I owe it a duty to tell the people just a little about the real Ned. Not only haven experienced him enough from our significant time and encounters while in London. But also having interacted with so many people who have experienced him.

Very few people who have traded with Ned Nwoko on any level have anything good to say about him. Yet this Delta state politician never ceases to spend money on his own image making. Image making is nothing new to him.

While Nigerians, prominent and common were busy lamenting the crimes and injustices of Sani Abacha, Ned turned his back on them and challenged notable Nigerians like Wole Soyinka on CNN claiming that Sani Abacha was the best president Nigeria ever had.

Ned’s lifestyle has affected his relationships with relatives and friends alike. It is believed that it is a saying (within circles of his relatives) that if Ned says good morning to you then there is no way the sun can be shining outside.

Of recent he solicited the friendship of a village chief by luring him and his 16 year old daughter with  promises of giving her a school scholarship to go and study abroad but never did.

When Ned ran for elections the first time through the help of then Delta state governor James Ibori, he was elected into the house of representatives. As typical he went on air in the then radio Bendel and announced that he was going to use the furniture allowance granted to them to furnish delta state schools with science equipment.  Ned, surely never delivered in any school in Delta state.

While Ned has been going around parading himself as a prince born of the Nwoko royal family in Idumuje Ugboko, information revealed that the father to the lawyer is not even from the village at all.

It is believed that despite not being from Idumuje Ugboko at all, he had once referred to himself on his own face book profile as the heir apparent to the throne of the town. A town that has a strict patriarchal system of rulership.

Despite this, the Idumuje Ugboko village is not happy with Ned’s ways. It is believed that the town approved 33 Hectares of fertile land to him to construct the biggest agro business over ten years ago at no cost.  Ned not only did not build any agro venture on the land but instead has come back in recent years asking additional 93 Hectares to add a golf course to the illusive agro-venture…

The town has refused and Ned has began to give money to unemployed youths (that his agro-venture was supposed to employ in the first place) cohersing  them into laying charges against the king for his refusal to allow the land approval to go through.

Ned of recent said he wanted to build a sports university in his village. But he insisted on getting the extra 20 hectares of land before any part of the university project commenced. As the town treated him with disdain he turned to an uncle who had a furniture factory in the village to allow the factory to be used as the first campus of a sports university.

As the educational authorities and relevant regulatory bodies literally laughed at the concept of a “Sports university in a furniture factory”,  Ned again insisted that non of the 32 hectares (totally unutilised) in his current 33 hectares should be used for the university. Confirming to all that more land was all that he wanted.

This is currently an issue in the town as the village has refused to even attend to his new land requests.

As 2019 draws near, political observers are of the opinion that the weather may not favour the lawyer.

Celestine Nwoko is a Research Fellow of the University of Aberdeen London


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