Primate Ayodele releases 2017/2018 Prophecies: ‘I see Buhari in Danger’

Primate Ayodele

… Ekiti voters will gang up against Fayose

… I see food crisis and mass revolt

… Lagos will lose an oba

… American president Trump will be attacked


Revered Man of God and Servant of the Most High God at INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele (JP), recently released some prophecies during his midyear annual crusade. This is in preparation for the release of his annual book of prophecy for the 2017/2018 Edition titled ‘Warnings to the Nations’.

A few of the fulfilled prophecies of Primate Ayodele.

Primate Ayodele warned Senator Isiaka Adeleke at the beginning of this year that “he should pray fervently because he foresaw his political future threatened. Senator Isiaka Adeleke did not heed the warnings. It’s really excruciating that the Senator died months later. Read Sun Newspaper of Jan. 1, 2017 page 48. Also in the Leadership Newspaper of June 18, 2016 page 52 The Man of God said “it will be difficult to remove Saraki acrimoniously, and the Code of Conduct Tribunal trial will not see the light of the day. You can now see that the CCT proceeding is not making headway. The cleric also warned the Nollywood stars of the impending dangers. He warned Ifeanyi Ubah to pray to rebuke debt and litigation. He further predicted as far back as 2015 that the French president will have challenges from the opposition. During the French Election, Emmanuel Macron emerged as the new president. Read page 144 of the 2015/2016 edition of the WTN. Prophet Ayodele said on page 47 of Sunday Sun Newspaper of August 14, 2016 that “Only God can remove Gov. Ikpeazu of Abia”. To confirm the word of God through the prophet, the Supreme Court affirmed Gov. Ikpeazu as the Governor of Abia State. In the same vein, the Man of God predicted in the Leadership Newspaper of Sunday Jan. 8, 2017 page 52 that “ The NURTW will have huge issues and there will be killings in Lagos and some other states”. Ifeanyi Ubah should be careful of debt and litigation, Sunday Sun Newspaper of Jan. 1, 2017 page 48 reports. Ubah was arrested by the DSS for economic sabotage punishable by death.

Below are the new prophecies…



There will be problems and fraud in Brazil. The Palestine state issues will have complications as I foresee protests. The Syria troubles will still continue as President Azzad will continue to take steps that will be causing complications and this will cause major crisis in the country. I foresee major explosions close to the Presidential Palace in Syria. The world leaders will engage in very serious dialogue on the Syria matter.

There will be no third world war but there will be tension of another world war but God said He will prevent it. There will be troubles and tension in North Korea, China, America, Russia and Israel but God is going to have His way.

I do not see American President, Donald Trump winning a second term after his current term. I foresee a lot of secrets coming up against Trump that may mar his political future. I foresee lapses in Trump’s security arrangements and he will escape attacks. I do not foresee Trump being impeached. All the efforts to impeach him will be null and void but his policies will polarize the congress. The head of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Homeland Security, Central Intelligence Agency and Chief of Staff to Trump will be sacked. The head of Trump Protocol will be changed. The head of New York Stock Exchange in Wall Street will be removed and the Group Managing Director may likely be attacked. I foresee immigration problems rocking the world which may cause a lot of problems. We said on page 144 of the 2015/2016 Edition of the WTN that “the former French President would not get it right, it came to pass”.

Angela Dorothea Merkel must work very well so that she may retain the seat in the coming election in Germany.

The Man of God predicted on page 122 of the 2016/2017 edition of his book that “The head of the Central Bank of Ghana will be changed.” Abdul- Nashiru Issahaku was relieved of his job. Now, the Ghana President must sit right so that the country will not be attacked by terrorists. Ghana will be relieved of their debt burden and they must be watchful of recession. Apart from this, Ghana will want to have a close ally and the people who surround the President will want to cause problem for his government.

I foresee troubles in Cameroon. I do not see the incumbent Cameroonian President, Paul Biya returning to power. Paul Biya will face several challenges in his bid to retain the seat and there will be protest and confusion in the country. Paul Biya will be calling for a referendum and this will create problems between the English and French speaking areas of the country.  The Missile test by the North Korea will aggravate tension in the region. American ship may be seized by North Korea. I foresee that there will be flood in India and France. India should pray against terror attack. There will be protest in India and Spain. In Germany, train may be attacked.

The election coming up in Britain between the Labour and Conservative parties will be very tough but they will share the elective posts at the end of the day. A new leader will emerge. There will be rowdy session in UK parliament and they should pray not to lose a time entertainer and top ranking law maker. They should pray to rebuke the death of an actor. The incumbent Kenya President should work hard and re-strategize well so as to retain his seat in the coming election. He must do a lot of developmental work.

I foresee fresh terror attack in France, America, Spain and Germany.

I foresee a new president in Angola. I foresee crisis in Zimbabwe in the coming elections. Zimbabwe should pray against epidemic. Let’s pray against terror attack in Dubai. Ghana and Dubai economy will face crisis from September this year. Ghana President will protect the country’s economy but those that surround him will frustrate his efforts. I foresee Russia being attacked. Let’s pray against ship wreck in Europe. There will be problem in the European Union and I foresee a change in the name in the near future. I foresee attack in Turkey, Bangladesh, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and Syria. I foresee bomb explosions close to Pakistani President’s house. I foresee crisis in Kenya. The outcome of the Liberia election will be surprising. United States of America will witness disaster that will render some of the people homeless. I foresee that there will be earthquake in China and Japan. Ghana should pray not to lose a prominent politician and a onetime president. Jacob Zuma of South Africa will face a lot of crises. The country should pray against wild animals killing people. Xenophobia attacks will come up in South Africa. Apartheid will still cause problem. Somalia sea pirates will hijack a ship. Let us pray to rebuke water pollution and water borne disease in Nigeria and the world at large.


The Lord revealed to me at the beginning of this year that the Nollywood stars both in the English and Yoruba genres should pray to rebuke deaths among them but they didn’t listen to the voice of God.

The Nollywood stars should come together irrespective of their religion and embark on nine days fasting and prayers to stamp out deaths among them because the Lord says there will be cases of death of Nollywood stars both in the Yoruba and English sectors.

Davido should pray against attack and sudden sickness that may lead to death. Tuface Idibia should pray for his life and rebuke scandals. D’Banj should pray not to run into debt and pray to rebuke troubles. Baba Fryo will win a contract that may not yield him good results. Daddy Showkey needs prayers so that he can shine again as his effort to get big contracts is under threats. Saheed Osupa should pray not to be bereaved and should seek for God’s guidance and protection. Alabi Pasuma should pray against litigation and against surgical operation. All the Fuji musicians should pray for God’s divine backing. Gospel and Highlife musicians should pray to rebuke sickness and accidents among them. I foresee troubles in these sectors towards the end of the year.


Primate Ayodele warned since the year 2016 on Page 39 of the 2016/2017 edition of the WTN that the Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu should rebuke an outbreak of fire in his palace. The cleric warned that the Emir of Kano should pray and foretold the consequences the Emir of Kano would face. The Kano State Legislature constituted a probe panel. The cleric also said that the natural rulers should be careful and watchful and still warned the Emir of Kano to be prayerful of his life.

The Lamido of Adamawa, Emir of Ilorin, Emir of Zauzau and Bauchi should be prayerful and watchful to avert troubles.

Let’s pray that no Oba will be dethroned in the South West. The traditional institution will be troubled because of the violation of their customs and the traditional ruler will be taken for granted. The power of the traditional institution will be reduced and they should pray not to lose any Oba in Kwara State.


I warned against fire outbreak and the death of any senior reporter, it happened at Channels TV. The Spirit of God says let them pray against fire outbreak in some media houses. Let us pray against more deaths among the top ranking journalists especially through sickness. I foresee troubles in the fold of the NUJ. There will be new regulation on online publication by the government. Let them pray for the success of online publication.


President Buhari came to power with the genuine intention to turn the country around positively but his failing health has been his greatest disappointment. In the beginning, I said it that Buhari’s health would be fluctuating. The Spirit of God says Buhari loyalists will gang up to hijack government at the center. To be frank, Buhari cannot contest in 2019 because his 2nd term is dicey. God has revealed to me that there are two people holding Buhari’s government and if these two people are removed, Buhari’s government will collapse. These two are the ones God has made the pillar of Buhari’s government, it does not matter whether he performs in office or not.

I foresee that Buhari’s government, at this stage, will continue to fluctuate. Governors or his family members should stop playing politics with his health if they truly love him and want him to live. I foresee that Buhari may not handover. He may resign or be incapacitated and his second term will tear the northern part of Nigeria apart. Sycophants are causing Buhari’s government to fluctuate. God is sustaining Buhari from dying. Corruption will continue to fight Buhari back as he fights corruption.



I foresee another northern President. Igbo cannot be president for now and this will cause a lot of rancour among Igbo leaders because they will miscalculate. Nigeria must not underrate the Biafra agitators. Democracy may break Nigeria because after the 2019 election, there will be serious agitation.  Militants will still resume bombings because money will cause problems. I foresee that another militant group will spring up.

Osinbajo will take Nigeria to certain level that is commendable but I foresee him facing a lot of challenges. The government should change the economic team and Osinbajo must not lead it, instead he should supervise, otherwise the country will still be in recession. If Nigeria must move forward, the government should restructure the Central Bank of Nigeria and Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

Let us pray against the death of a very respectable Nigerian that will cause the nation’s flag to fly at half-mast. I foresee a new terror group coming up. Military must not allow this to happen because it will be deadly. I foresee terror attack in Abuja in a very sensitive way. Let’s pray that there will be no ethnic troubles.  Let’s pray against flood in Lagos, Oyo, Enugu, Abia and some other states. Let’s pray against death in Aso Rock. I foresee hackers attacking Aso Rock ICT data systems. Nigeria must be careful with United States of America. Trump will want to make a state visit to Nigeria, America is not Nigeria’s friend, says the Lord. I foresee serious crisis in Eko, Edo, Kwara & Kaduna Electricity Distribution Companies. Electricity will start improving from next year, 2018, but it will become unstable again in 2019 as there will be a major problem. An Integrated Power Generating company will make power stable as the Power Holding Company will be sold and scrapped.

I foresee that Shekarau, the Boko Haram leader will be captured much later. Let us pray against terror attack. I foresee earthquake and landslide in Nigeria.

America should not be allowed to station her military base close to Nigeria border, it is dangerous.

Let’s pray against water pollution and stampede in some African stadiums.

I foresee a situation whereby the masses will go on serious protests and vehicles of government officials will be stoned on the road. Let’s pray that it doesn’t get to that point. Let’s pray against natural disasters.

I foresee Dangote facing problems that will cause him to hands off some of his investments. Dangote must pray against surgery. There will be building collapse in Lagos and Ibadan.  Let us pray to rebuke the demise of any prominent Man of God: prominent Pastor and Islamic Scholar. I foresee that some of the refineries will be attacked. Let’s pray against gas explosion, bombings and pipeline explosion. I foresee that kidnappers’ activities will take another dimension. A prominent person will be kidnapped in Lagos. The hideout of baby factory operators will be discovered in the eastern part of the country. The customs department will intercept illegal refineries. The agriculture sector will get an expatriate to support our agricultural production. Nigeria will borrow money and this will cause problems for us. Nigeria will invest on new solar systems.  The Internally Displaced People camp will witness the outbreak of disease and sickness. They should pray against unexpected killings. There will be problem of refugees in Africa. The federal government investment programme will cause lots of problems and there will be irregularities and corruption along the line. The Niger Delta Development Commission should pray against troubles and the Director General may run into unexpected troubles that will attract Economic and Financial Crimes Commission because militants will invade the place. Oyo and Lagos states should pray to rebuke the death of a onetime governor. Let us pray against political assassination and threats to the lives of some politicians.

Ahmed Makarfi of PDP will face challenges, he must re-strategize in order to win the court case. If Amodu Sheriff wins the case, PDP will crash, but if Makarfi wins, the party will come back to live. I foresee APC cracking, breaking into three factions. Buhari will not re-contest in 2019 and see CPC and APC pulling apart in the power arrangement. I foresee the Ekiti people ganging up against Governor Fayose. Fayose should check his strategy. There will be gang up against APC. Fayose must not underrate anybody. Fayose’s trusted aides will betray him. I do not see any other party winning Osun State in the coming election other than the APC. Aregbesola is a factor in Osun. He will face a lot of challenges. Let’s pray we don’t lose any first lady. Ondo State first lady should pray for good health. Akeredolu will face political challenges and some factors will trouble him, the people he relied on will disappoint him. I foresee a mega party coming up to wrestle power from APC.

There is vacancy in Aso Villa now, As God said to me. Who will occupy it has been destined by God. I do not see Atiku getting the presidency. He’s going to suffer setbacks as he must change his political strategy to win the presidency otherwise he will lose outrightly. Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State is a reckoning factor. Senator Olamilekan Adeola Yayi will face serious challenges because Amosun will be a factor to decide and some people will decide on who is going to contest and who the next governor of the state will be. Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso must take a divine step for him to succeed. Sule Lamido should not waste money. Nnamdi Kanu must not negotiate Biafra away on the altar of politics.

No one can come out to contest with Ambode in 2019. Some local governments in Lagos State will face troubles. Ambode should be watchful. I foresee Lagos State losing a prominent personality. I foresee a state governor falling sick and flown abroad. I foresee militants attacking Imo, Enugu, Abia and Rivers government houses. I see Rivers Governor Wike getting a second term despite all the odds, says the Lord. But he will face challenges and he must strategize very well.

The governor of Benue State will face serious political challenges. I see APC loyalists defecting to PDP and PDP people defecting to APC. I foresee a sitting governor of PDP defecting to APC.  I foresee a political gang-up against the incumbent governor of Benue State.

The governor of Kogi State may have challenges towards the 2nd term ambition.

The second term of Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State is under threat. Gov. Willie Obiano of Anambra State must not leave APGA otherwise he may fail in his second term bid. James Ibori will determine a lot in South-South and Delta State. I foresee that a new president will emerge in 2019. There will be clashes between the Igbo and the Hausa and also the Yorubas and Hausas. There will be disagreement among the northern leaders towards the northern state development Agenda. Uzor Kalu should pray against political challenges and not to be embarrassed. The following states: Imo, Enugu, Abia and Rivers should pray against attacks in government house. Let’s pray against ship sinking in Nigeria. I foresee coup attempt but it will fail


The Nigeria Football Federation should rebuke crisis and death of a player both at the local and international levels. The Man of God predicted that some clubs will change their coaches. Eyimba, Akwa United, Kwara United and Gombe United should be watchful of their technical team. 3SC will suffer some troubles. Some of the NFA Chairmen will be removed. Let us pray not to lose any NFF official. I foresee sabotage in NFF. There will be new election in the NFF.


I foresee changes in NURTW leadership in Lagos, Oyo, Kwara, Ondo & Ogun States, also at the national level. The use of tricycle will be abolished. The mode of transportation in Nigeria will be reorganized.


I foresee that the Nigerian economy will still not be stable towards 2019. I still do not see the Naira appreciating against the Dollar till the end of this year. It will be fluctuating around N350, N380, N400 and N420. The government should work on this. The price of food stuffs like rice, bread, yam flour, garri and palm oil will be fluctuating. The government will introduce price regulation which may not work as expected.  The price of housing materials will be high.



Let’s pray against fire incident in Nigeria higher institutions. I foresee some institutions’ vice chancellors being messed up. UNILAG, UNIJOS, Benue State University and ABU vice chancellors may face challenges. ASUU may embark on strike. There will be changes in the leadership of ASUU and they will call for salary increment.


I warned that Ebola would come back, it is back. I foresee that Lassa fever is coming back too. Let us pray very well. I foresee doctors and nurses going on strike. They will call for salary increment. The government will refurbish some of our health institutions. We should pray against the outbreak of cholera and water pollution.


I foresee Eco Bank and Access Bank facing serious challenges. I foresee that their Managing Directors will be changed and will face a lot of ups and downs. GTB MD may be changed. Stanbic IBTC Bank will reorganize a lot of things. Diamond Bank will have expansion and some of their branches may be closed. Heritage Bank will face challenges. Aso Savings and Loans must be prayerful and seek for God’s divine victory and pray to rebuke major crisis. Their customers will be taken to court and the bank may face CBN challenges. There will be changes in the leadership of Abbey Mortgage Bank. The bank should also pray so that they will not be troubled by the EFCC. I foresee changes in the leadership of Nigeria Stock Exchange. The CBN governing board will be restructured.


They should pray against troubles and the Director General should pray not to run into unexpected troubles that will attract EFCC because militants will invade the place. The commission should pray against accident. I foresee leadership changes in this commission. The commission leadership will be aggrieved with the NDDC plans. There will be misappropriation of funds in the commission.


I foresee Airtel running into serious debts, I foresee Glo running into problems and may lose some of their staff. Etisalat may face a major conspiracy. I foresee a new telecoms company coming up and it will be doing very well. It is an Islamic telecoms company.


Senator Bukola Saraki will still be very relevant in the North Central politics; although there will be a gang-up against him. Let’s pray against death among our Senators. It was predicted since 2016 that the CCT trial of Saraki will not see the light of the day. Leadership Weekend Newspaper recorded this on page 52 of June 18, 2016 edition. Some Senators and Honourables in the House of Representatives will be kidnapped. There will be a rowdy session in the Senate. The Senate will want to act in order to balance the equation in the present government but some people will see it from a different perspective. The Senate and House of Reps will have problems and money will cause troubles in the House. Some of the members will face challenges from the opposition. They will try to do something and the power of the president will be reduced while some will kick against it.  There will be troubles as the government will be at loggerheads with the Senate. The principal officer of the House of Reps and Senate may be changed.


Governors will gang up against Oyegun and some will call for his removal. Oyegun’s seat will be negotiated. There will be a lot of changes and strategy against the APC convention. APC must be careful against 2019 election so that this will not cause problems for the party. The convention may cause factions in the party because Atiku will not be allowed. Rabiu Kwankwaso faction will be crushed. Bukola Saraki faction will also be crushed and some governors’ interest too will not be protected. Some of the APC winning team members may not be accepted. There will be pandemonium after the convention and there will be changes in the activities of the APC.


They will have lots of issues. Lagos State PDP will be confused in trying to get a governorship seat.


I foresee more judges facing criminal charges. I foresee a misinterpretation of the constitution at the National Assembly.  There will be refurbishment of some high courts. Let us pray so that EFCC will not run after some judges. A Chief Judge will undergo surgery.


The EFCC chairman, Ibrahim Magu will not be appreciated.  The commission will get new appliances. The controlling power will be withdrawn from the President.


I said that the Edo State House of Assembly Speaker would be removed, he has been removed. The Spirit of God says two more State Assembly Speakers will be removed soon.


I do not see the Nigeria crude oil grade meeting the international standard. For the next 15 years. Nigeria crude oil quality will drop. I foresee petrol scarcity. Some CBN and NNPC departments may be scrapped. Shell, Texaco, Oando, Mobil will win big contracts and their shady deals will be exposed and which will cause trouble at the top level of Oando. The pump price of petrol will increase. Diesel will be expensive and scarce in Nov/December 2017. Some of the NNPC General Managers will run into crisis. The Governing Board of NNPC will be restructured.


There will be trouble in the Army and Navy. The soldiers and Policemen will be attacked. I foresee changes in the Airforce. Some of the Commissioners of Police, Assistant Inspector-General of Police may be changed. The Inspector-General of Police may be changed. I foresee jail break and the killings of customs men. There will be internal adjustment and new strategy in customs. The Chief of Army Staff may be petitioned. There will be restructuring in the military. The customs will intercept ammunitions.


Let’s pray against fire incident and fraud at our airports. There will be changes in Aero Contractors Airline and Medview. Medview will buy new aircraft. Dana Airline will face some challenges. Overland will buy new aircraft and should pray not to run into debts. Prayers should be offered to avert plane crash landing. I foresee that Arik, Aero Contractors and MedView will run into debt. Turkish airline should be careful so that they will not have crisis. Qatar Airways may run into debt and landing trouble.


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